Our US Trailer Affiliate Program allows you to become a Distributor of our complete sales and rental inventory. If you are in the trucking, commercial transportation or safety industry, this can be a great way to make extra money using your Website, Facebook page, Twitter and all other social media accounts.

How Do I Become a US Trailer Affiliate?

It couldn’t get an easier! If you have a website or plan on creating your own website in the near future, or plan on sharing links about it on social media, follow these steps to create your affiliate account now.

1. Create your new account by clicking “Start Here”. 
2. Choose where you would like to place your affiliate link on your website. (The affiliate link details are explained further below).
3. Your website visitors click on your affiliate link, when they make a purchase from us, you make money. That’s it!

You are able to log into your Affiliate account at any time to view your progress, update your information or contact us for assistance. Just click “Login to your affiliate account” above.


Affiliate link details:

The most important attribute to your USTrailer affiliate account is the affiliate link. This link will consist of test of your choosing (i.e. “Visit US Trailer”). You can choose the text that you want to show your visitors. This is the link that your users will see. 

Behind the text: The HTML of the link (which your users will not see) will possess your unique Affiliate ID and will look like this:
SAMPLE: https://www.ustrailer.com?afmc==affiliateID

If you need assistance with your unique Affiliate ID, incorprating it into your link to us or help in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.